Latest PiA News #15

Just Added: My Rights Violated by Create Space? Unbelievable!

Official PiA Presentation Video

I am proud to present a brand new Promotional Video Tutorial designed specifically for PiA which highlights features and guides visitors through the many aspects of this growing site. Take a look at the video below and please answer the poll underneath.

Paul G Day & Janice Spina

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3 thoughts on “Latest PiA News #15

  1. Louey is captivating, even when he’s napping! He likes to find different places to sleep so he’s not bored. And the lullaby kept him sleeping!


  2. You did an incredible job on this tutorial. It is very helpful to new and old viewers.

    Thank you for highlighting Louey. He never woke up once. He’s such a lazy little guy!


    • Lol. I thought you might like that. I have enough exposure on the site already, which is why I am reluctant to feature my own videos. I don’t want people to think it is all about me. :D lol.


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